Artificial intelligence (AI) is the pacemaker technology of the 21st century.
AI already shapes a large number of social and economic environments and processes.
AI defines new opportunities in designing and redefines design in an innovative way.

Yet, are these opportunities put to use to contribute to more sustainable and ethical design?
Our exploration shows that across the board the potentials for more sustainable and ethical design based on AI are not yet tapped.
AI-based algorithmic innovation only contributes to more sustainable and ethical design if modified and new skills and facets of competencies are taken into account.

Algorithmic innovation creates a new need for novel competencies.
Hence, we investigate, whether and how more ethical and sustainable creation of innovations of design but also of design innovations with the help of AI can be achieved.

In order to design more sustainably and ethically with the help of AI, we need a concept and understanding of AI Design Competence.

The AI Design Competence Collective deals with more responsible and ethically correct use of artificial intelligence in design-based and creative industries. The collective comprises of experts, academics, entrepreneurs, artists and everyone, who wants to shape the handling of AI more ethical and sustainable – people like you and me.

We have made it our mission to promote more competence in dealing with AI and to enable more co-innovation by users in different areas. We want to set agendas – especially agendas, which are and will be highly socially relevant.

We present Features – first findings of students, who do research on aspects of AI and algorithmic innovation.

Financial support was given by Volkswagen Stiftung, for which we are grateful.