Welcome to the AI Design Competence Collective

We provide the transition to using AI more sustainably by co-developing and advancing new sets of competencies, fostering skills building, anticipating job roles and responsibilities – enacting forms of work and collaboration.

Our Findings

The Collective

Who We Are

The collective assembles enthusiasts, experts, academics, entrepreneurs, artists and everyone, who wants to shape the handling of AI more ethically and sustainably – people like you and me. We envision a world with more responsible, inclusive, knowledgeable and creative algorithmic innovation for more progress for the planet, people, prosperity and peace.

Definition: AI Design Competence

The ability to understand, design, sketch and develop advanced (automated) analytics solutions and anticipate the (responsible and successful) use of applying knowledge on data and information processing (algorithmic innovation). It is about quantifying, evaluating and deriving problem-solving heuristics, solutions and actions, further applying and integrating knowledge from design science, design practice and design-based industries.

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Sustainable Algorithmic Innovation

The New Digital Frontier for Entrepreneurs

Sustainable AI leads to a different intelligent acceleration (automation of information put to use for more sustainability)

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A Selection of our Latest Features

We present Features – first findings of students, who do research on aspects of AI and algorithmic innovation.

Financial initial support in 2018-2019 was given by Volkswagen Stiftung, for which we are grateful.