Mindful Lifestyle and Leadership

In a world of digitalization, globalization, connectivity and mobility, people long for something that makes sense. A mindset that is based on more mindfulness, deceleration and more focus. In this thesis main elements and practices of ‘mindful lifestyle and leadership’ are being scrutinized.

Mindful Lifestyle and Leadership

In a world that is dominated by digitalization, globalization, connectivity and mobility, people are looking for something that gives meaning to their lives. Something, that decelerates their daily life and something that is focusing on their emotional intelligence. In this case, a concept which is becoming more and more popular is mindfulness.

Therefore, the bachelor thesis “Mindful Lifestyle and Leadership” deals with the origin of mindfulness, with mindfulness techniques and the positive effects of practicing it. Mindfulness is not only attractive for the private use but also for companies.

Therefore in the second part of the bachelor thesis the current situation of leadership and organizational models was analysed and a need for a new, innovative leadership concept was identified. So “Mindful Leadership” was developed, a new leadership concept that gives companies directly applicable tools to act more mindful and effectively in the everyday business life.
As a result, the bachelor thesis is interesting for private as well as for business purposes.


Lea Martine Lotz