Plastic-free consumption fueled by smart pop-up stores

This paper deals with the question of whether “plastic-free” consumption can be achieved and fueled by smart pop-up stores…

Plastic-free consumption fueled by smart pop-up stores

This bachelor dissertation presents the central question, if a „plastic-free“ consumption can be achieved by a smart Pop-up Store. To give an answer to this question, the following thesis gives an overview of the current and in media prominent plastic debate.

Today more than 150 million tons of plastic are floating in the oceans, which equals one third of fish in the oceans. This shows that the plastic issue was for long time only debated on a national and international level, but only a vague actions were taken.

After extensive research, literature review and the inclusion of expert knowledge, a smart Pop-up Store will be presented as a suitable communication concept to interactively experience “plastic- free” consumption.

The following bachelor dissertation is not limited to a specific group of people, such as decision- makers from large companies. In order to leave our children and grandchildren with a “plastic- free” and clean planet this work is relevant for everyone. The paper should inspire to reflect on plastic consumption in order to give impulses for a “plastic-free” consumption.

Eva Meier